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Rehabilitation for multiple pathologies

HELP! My horse has been diagnosed with multiple pathologies!

Fortunately diagnosis and Veterinary intervention is improving, which means we as therapists we can be clear and specific with our rehabilitation programmes.

On the other hand, like in Liz’s story, despite the accurate assessment and treatment for her lovely gelding Elvis, she felt overwhelmed and confused. Not only was the Veterinary treatment costly, she felt alone with the rehabilitation plan that was prescribed.

My goal was to support Liz through her rehabilitation journey and provide Elvis’s body with the therapy it needed. There is no magic recipe or quick fixes when it comes to rehabilitation and the sooner we take away expectations the better!

Due to the multiple pathologies in Elvis’s body, he was compensating and loading unequally in both front and hind legs. Liz felt a clear difference on the right rein compared to the left and she was  worried on pushing him too far, so felt more comfortable doing less. My role was to give Liz’s daily postural exercises that she could do which would not overload Elvis, however encourage him to use area’s he wasn’t used to using. Each week Liz would monitor his progress before we altered his plan. The exercises I prescribed gradually asked Elvis to use his body in new patterns, which over time increased his strength, stability and mobility.

This is the summary of her journey below:

Liz has been on a roller coaster journey with her beautiful gelding Elvis. Before she was introduced to the exercises from Heal Your Horse, Elvis just did not feel right to her. She knew something was wrong, but could not pinpoint the problem, depsite regular therapist intervention. The testing exericses guided Liz through the process of identifying the areas in Elvis's body that were stuck and causing him further problems under saddle. Further intervention from lameness Vet, diagnosed and treated Elvis's entire body, confirming that there were multiple areas of joint dysfunction. No surgery was required, however a clear and structed intervention plan was needed to support Elvis's body throughout his life. Heal Your Horse gave Liz the exercises she needed to support the intervention from the Vet. When you have multiple diagnosed areas there is an entire list of compensations happening through the body and Liz could still feel this under saddle. The goal from HYH was to support and teach Elvis to use his entire body without overloading asymmetrically.

Over time Liz and Elvis returned back to what they both love, eventing! The rehabilitation road is full of ups and downs and can leave you as the owner feeling frustrated and worried. HYH gives you the clarity and confidence to deal with the unpredictable journey of rehabilitation.

If you have any questions or are in a similar position to Liz, please contact me:

Or to purchase Heal Your Horse and start your own journey to postural strength and improved movement for your horse, please click on the link below:

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