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Riding in the Sea; A dream come true

I did it! It was a little birthday treat to myself, and an experience I'll cherish for a long time.

Here's a brief rundown of my horseback riding experience on a beach in the United Arab Emirates.

To begin, we were picked up and taken over an hour away from Dubai to Ajman,

another Emirate within the UAE (I'm still learning about the seven Emirates here!).

While Dubai is exceptionally clean, the beach we visited was quite the opposite, more of a local fishing spot than a pristine shoreline.

When Casper and King, the horses, arrived, my attention was completely drawn to them.

In my typical style, I checked their backs and re-tacked them before getting bored!

This habit was ingrained in me during my time as a flat jockey, where horses were often mounted without re-tacking before cantering.

One wise trainer once told me,

"Never get complacent about riding horses. Check your tack; it's your safety every time you ride"

I couldn't agree more! How many riders have you seen mount a horse without even checking the girth?

My first ride was on King, a 12-year-old dark bay gelding who was a seasoned pro.

We took a 15-minute walk on the sand, allowing King to warm up and probably ensuring I could actually ride! Imagine the number of beginners they must get!

The canter provided quite the adrenaline rush, especially when I let go of the reins and raised both arms in the air.

But the most incredible memory for me was when they removed the tack, helped me onto King's back, and we rode into the sea, leading Casper, an 8-year-old chestnut gelding.

After relaxing my muscles and giving control to King, I became a passenger as we swam together in the sea. It's incredible how powerful yet graceful and elegant horses feel.

The most moving moment was when King stopped in the water, the level reaching his elbows and stifles (so my feet and calves were in the water).

He paused, facing the sunset, and I wrapped my arms around his neck, closing my eyes. It's overwhelming to recall and relive that moment.

I distinctly remember whispering my gratitude to him as we stood there for what felt like a few precious minutes.

It reminded me to slow down and spend undisturbed moments with horses.

They offer profound healing and an abundance of love.

Warm regards,

Nika x

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