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Something Unexpected Happened...

Over last six weeks, I have made a conscious decision to practice what I preach and focus on my long lining skills.

I am very fortunate to have access to a lovely gelding at one of my clients yards close to my house. Every Monday and Friday, I spend time with Dee, either riding along the fields of the Otley Chevin or practising and refining my long lining skills.

On Monday, in the arena, I had just done a 25 minute walk and trot. Longline session with Dee where we went through an exercise called the bowtie (see image below).

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Afterwards I joined my client, Sue and we worked a horse called Rod that is currently there for rehabilitation of an injury to his pelvic girdle. At the end of his session, we decided to remove all of his equipment and let him free in the arena.

What Rod did next was completely unexpected, and yet the most magical experience....

I decided to stand at the gate in case he jumped out, he is from Eventing background!

He walked up to me and put his muzzle right in my face, and gave me this look of what I can only describe as "let’s go". I trusted my instinct and walked away from him towards the centre of the arena. To my surprise he was right behind me.

I decided to play and followed my instinct of asking for a bit more, by suddenly running towards the other end of the arena, and again, when I looked over my left shoulder, he was right behind me.

Have you ever experienced this?

I've done join up and similar horsemanship techniques in the past, however, having only been an observer of Rod and a helper for Sue, I was really taken back at how he wanted to come with me. Sue , who has more experience with this than I do, asked me to turn to my right, to change direction and guess what? He was right behind me.

My confidence grew, as I then decided to play a bit more stopping, looking behind me, only to find Rod right up my shoulder.

Aren’t horses, just incredible?

When I think about the love that I have for horses, my heart fills up with warmth, and I feel all fuzzy inside.

I will remember that moment for a long time!

Sometimes we spend too much time in our head, following to do lists, places to be and run by our phone notifications! Rod reminded me to slow down to have fun and to play!

Thank you, Rod

If you have shared similar experiences like this, please reply to this email, I would love to hear your story .

Have a great weekend,

Nika x

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