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Horse & Dog Chiropractic in Dubai

You know something is wrong with your horse and you're going round in circles trying to figure out what that one thing is.


  • endless vet visits?

  • maxed out insurance claims with no solution?

  • countless hours trying to research solution, resulting in a feeling of overwhelm and even more confusion

  • time feels wasted

  • resources maxed out

  • your horse isn’t getting any younger and you feel deflated and frustrated


What if you had clarify on what exactly the issue and the solution to end all of your worry and fears.

What if your vet bills were reduced by 90%!

How much time would you save KNOWING these answers now.

As horse owners and riders, we can be guilty of being creatures of habit, finding ourselves repeating behaviours resulting  in the same result.

The solution to all of the problems you are having with your horse, requires you to think differently and take action.


What if I have the solution?

I'm Nika, animal lover and expert in equine chiropractic treatments. I understand the significance of maintaining your horse's peak performance and overall health. Whether your horse is a competitive athlete, a beloved companion, or a working partner, my goal is to provide top-notch care that takes care of their optimal health and performance.Check out my comprehensive list of services, targeting a range of issues; including joint stiffness, musculoskeletal imbalances, and mobility constraints that can hinder your horse's agility and comfort.

Service include:

Horse performance therapist.

- improve posture

- core engagement

- improve your horse’s canter


Fully qualified and registered Chiropractor


Laser therapy - Class 3b

- speeds up recovery time

- heal any soft tissue pain/ discomfort

K taping

Get in Touch today

Contact me for more information on how I can help your horse. Lets unlock your horse's potential, together. 


Tel: +44791 561 3852

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