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Meeting Expectations

The most common question I get asked is ...


This is a very good question and I must start off by saying that not all practitioners work the same. However all REGISTERED practitioners must have veterinary permission before treatment as this is a legal requirement under the 1966 Veterinary Act, therefore if you ring a practitioner and they do not require this I would question whether they are registered and are insured to treat your animal.

The best way to answer this question is to talk about what to expect from a Chiropractic from myself. Below is the normal protocol I follow for each of my clients:

* Veterinary consent

* Detailed record card

* Gait analysis ( On the lunge or ridden for Equine clients )

* Palpation

This is where subjective opinion comes into place, except if an animal is lame or showing any contra-indications to treatment which would mean the treatment would not continue and your animal would be sent back to the vet for diagnosis. However if your animal has been given Veterinary approval but I believe that there is and UNDIAGNOSED underlying condition, please do not be shocked if I send the animal back to the vet for further investigation. I strongly believe in working with what you know is going on in your animal's body. Once I am happy with the above points I will move onto the treatment.

* Treatment (There is no set time as it depends on your animal's response to treatment).

* Aftercare (Tailored to suit you and your animal's lifestyle).

* Follow up treatment

Prevention is better than cure, therefore I must warn you that I will most likely alter your current exercise plan after treatment, as I strongly believe that time is the best healer but in order to heal you need to adapt. This is very dependant on the individual animal, your lifestyle and the goals are working towards. If this is a first treatment I will often request a follow up treatment as I am not a quick fix practitioner.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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