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Team Work Makes The Dream Work

Why Is Team Work Important? 

Team work is essential to growth and development, in all areas of life. We often associate team work with sports and office environments to effectively achieve an outcome. However when we think about our animals and their health we seem to isolate ourselves and treat them individually. 

Why is this? 

As stated by Gaffney 2015,

"Teamwork requires an integration of talents and contributions from individual team members, which is a practical achievement, and it represents a shared pursuit, which is a moral achievement." 

If we approached our training and healthcare of animals with this INTEGRATED APPROACH with talented professionals, surely we would get a better long term result. For example if we look at an athlete competing in any discipline whether they are in a team sport or individual, to be the best they will have a team of professionals working alongside them giving help and support to achieve the outcome/ goals. 

Why is this not the same in the Animal Industry? 

There are so many talented professionals out there (Veterinarians, Dentists, Physical Therapists, Trainers and Saddlers) who are passionate and dedicated to improving the welfare of animals, but there seems to be a real lack of communication between these professionals. 

Why is this? 

Humans first line of communication is verbally, unlike animals who rely on body language, therefore one would assume it would be easier for professionals to communicate. Unfortunately this is not the case and I can not except a lack of time being the reason for this poor communication. 

My goal is to bring professionals together for each animals journey. 

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