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Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Teamwork Selfie! 📸

Mornings like this just light up my passion for helping animals!

To say that Britt and Ace have been on an emotional rollercoaster trying to figure out what’s up with Ace is an understatement.

Coming together, sharing ideas, and always watching and listening to the Horse in front of us today brings clarity. Most importantly, it ensures optimal welfare for the Horse.

The more I do this job, the more I wonder why we aren’t working more and more as a team.

I see so many horses diagnosed with individual issues without any consideration for changes in management and training to support the horse’s entire body.

The old way of treating and working in isolation is OUTDATED.

If you’re feeling lost as an owner and struggling to understand what’s going on with your Horse or Dog, connect with your team of paraprofessionals. Create a safe space for communication and let the magic happen!


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