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Stable Based 

Postural Exercises

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Don’t Let Bad Weather Put a Damper on Your Horse’s Health! 

Stuck inside due to the gloomy weather? Worried about your horse losing postural strength and condition? You’re not alone! Horses thrive on movement and, unfortunately, bad weather means more time in the stable and less time frolicking in the fields. But fear not, we’ve got the perfect solution to keep your equine friends in tip-top shape, even on those drizzly days!

Why does it matter?

  • Natural Behaviour: Horses are meant to roam — they're trickle feeders who would naturally forage and move about with their heads down, munching away.

  • The Challenge: With the wet weather and domestic life, your horses are spending more time cooped up, which can lead to weaker backs and loss of condition.


Two Fold Solution 

Train with purpose- Ride with Passion

1. Movement Is Key 

2. Postural Exercise Routine

Bonus Tip While Grooming

Warm Up the Lumbar Spine:

Did you know the lumbar spine is the second most mobile joint in a horse’s body?

A little heat application before movement can do wonders!


What Next? 

Ready to take your horse’s posture management to the next level?

Join me for our Long Lining Workshop starting on April 22nd, 2024.

It’s the perfect next step for you and your horse to maintain perfect posture and enhance condition, regardless of the weather. Let’s turn those rainy days into rewarding training opportunities!

Sign Up for the Long Lining Workshop! 🐴🌟

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