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The Empowered Equestrian

Ride with Passion- Train with Purpose. 

Guaranteed Results
for both horse and rider performance 

Navigating your own rider fitness and that of your horse can be overwhelming and confusing. 

It comes down to your systems. 

Choose from one of the options below and let's get you and your horse on the right plan to success. 

  • Horse long lining Workshop

    Long lining horses: the basics; fundamentals of ground work training
    Valid for 12 months
    • The foundations of Long lining
    • How to long line with tack on
    • Do's and Don'ts of long lining
    • Specific Exercises to improve your horse's posture
    • How to assess your horse on the Long lines

Not Ready For 1-1 help? 

You feel comfortable with your horse's performance and are happy to do it alone. 

I have a library of resources to keep you inspired, from pole to cone exercises and easy to follow step by step videos on stabled based and after work exercises. 

Best Value

Horse Exercises



Every month

Monthly Subscription

Valid until canceled

Cancel any time

Access to over 50 Videos

Live webinars and Q&A

Online Group Community

Online Group Support


Simple- Practical - Easy to Follow Exercises

Sacrum tail rock .png

Before Work Activation Exercises 

After Work Stretches 

Pole & Cone step by step Exercises



Online Supportive Community

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