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Let me re-introduce myself..

  1. I am passionate about horses and dogs

  2. I love inspiring horse riders and owners to take action and solve their horse’s struggle

  3. I truly believe that NO HORSE or DOG is nasty- they are honest, kind and our greatest teachers!

  4. To me, Health is wealth. Moving, keeping active and listening to my body is a daily practice.

  5. I grew up in South Africa, spent a year in France and when we eventually immigrated to UK - I was fluent in french!

  6. I spent a year in Australia riding track - race horses and this triggered my interest in becoming a chiropractor

  7. I have ridden as a flat jockey and won 2 out 5 races!

  8. I love a challenge and competed in a boxing match for an animal charity in 2022.

  9. I am passionate about travel and seeing the world. My goal in 2024 is to do horse and dog clinics around the world.

  10. I have an online platform that has all my 30 years of experience working and training horses, with the aim of helping horse riders and owners solve their horse’s pain and struggles.

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Thank you for reading.

I would love to hear back from you. Drop me an email and tell me more about you.

Nika x

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