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Neck Rounding Exercises 

neck rounding.jpg

Chin to chest

Hold for 5 secs, repeat 3x 

Use either a lick it or a treat.

Watch your fingers! 

profile pic.png

Chin to knees

Hold for 5 secs, repeat 3x 

Use either a lick it or a treat.

Watch your fingers! 

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Activations Before Work

Observe, Be Curious, Ask Questions

Below are a list of activation exercises

I would recommend you do with your horse before work. Enjoy!

Horse's core muscles.jpg

Horse Anatomy.
What is core stability?
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Pole Work Ideas

Exercise Ideas

4 loop serpentine .jpg


A simple but great exercise which can be performed in all three gaits.

This is a great exercise to incorporate when doing inhand work or on long lines. 

Focus on making the circles equal and flowing. 

Does your horse bend equally both directions? 

5 loop serpentine .jpg

Spiral Circles

Spiralling in and out of circles is a great way of testing your horse's balance, self carriage and suppleness through the body. 

Start in walk and notice if your horse and you are equal on both reins. 

spiral 20m .jpg

Clock Circles

Adding poles at 12 o' clock, 3 o' clock, 6 o' clock, and 9 o' clock on a 20 m will add variety to your circle work. 

I recommend doing this exercise in walk under saddle or on the long lines. 

pole clock.jpg
lateral work .jpg

Lateral Exercises 

Walking laterals are great for developing and strengthening your horse's posture. 

All of these exercises can be performed ridden or inhand on the longlines. 

I would recommend starting in the walk and focusing on relaxation and suppleness. 

leg yield .jpg

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